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Assignments for IST 227, Internet Operations and Management

You will have many assignments in this course.  Some will be searches for information; others will be testing your ability to articulate some of the principles of E-Commerce.  As Iíve mentioned in the course introduction, this class is more than just learning how to use a piece of software.  I want you to be able to leave this class with the knowledge necessary to be your own independent consultant.  The end project for this course is a business plan and an actual website with its own domain name parked on a web hostís server.  The following assignment will allow you to build the business plan, step by step; just like you would do it you were doing this as your own subcontractor.  After successfully completing this course you will be able to contract with a small business to design and implement a small business E-Commerce presence on the Internet.

Except for the search assignment, all assignments need to be written as if you were writing them to your client, not to me as your instructor.  Your final business plan will be written to your client so by writing the following assignments to them you will make it easier to incorporate these assignments into your final business plan.