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TTC Financial Aid Information

If you receive a Summer Semester 2003 award letter, you cannot receive financial aid funds until you:

Loan students

Sign your promissory note and return it to the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation (SCSLC) (If you have a federal pin number, you can do this at

Complete loan entrance counseling at

All students

  1. If you were selected for verification, turn in your financial aid verification worksheet and any other requested documents to the TTC Financial Aid Office or fax the requested information to the following number: 574-6661.
  2. If you are on suspension, you are ineligible to receive financial aid funds for this semester .
  3. You must be enrolled in a financial aid eligible program of study.
  4. You cannot be in financial aid default status.
  5. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to receive student loans, lottery tuition, or state grants